Themed Competition – Monochrome 12th October 2017

In the competition judged by Ralph Bennett of Derby City Photographic  the top three in each discipline are:

Themed Competition – Monochrome  12th Oct 17
No PDI Title Score Rank
13 Lost in symmetry (Simon) 20 1st
27 The Vision (Simon) 20 1st
19 Stairwell (Ian P) 19 2nd
23 Viaduct (John Z) 19 2nd
16 Lonley Jetty (Chris F) 18 3rd
33 Start Point Lighthouse (Ian P) 18 3rd
No Print Title Score Rank
13 Marine Lake Jetty (Ian P) 20 1st
3 Industrial Cathedrals (Simon) 20 2nd
17 Sphere of Influence (Helen) 19 2nd
4 Bank of Ireland (Ian P) 19 3rd

Members Night, Thursday 26th October

This is the first members night of the season. We are presently looking for members to come forward with content, for this your evening. This has in the past covered such area as  Critique, Presentation, Talks, Technique, Advise etc. You may have an Idea of what you want to present, or a thought about what you would like to see. Ideas please to Paul Cooper or Ian Pettit.

So far we have offers for

  • Drone Photography – Steve Fairbrother
  • Coast  to Coast Bike Rides – Chris Brown & John Zahorodnyj
  • Getting the most from Facebook, Tony Pedley & Wendy Nuttall
  • Five Years of Calke, Lorraine Dowell
  • Della Astle
  • Gavin Lake, Slides on his favourite subject

Swarkstone Exhibition 21st – 22nd October

We are coming up to the final exhibition of the year.  This is the first time we have exhibited at Swarkestone Garden Centre and we are hoping  that this will be a great success..

To ensure things run smoothly I am asking the membership for some help.  If you can give an hour of your time on either the Saturday or Sunday that would be wonderful, plus we need some help with setting up on Friday afternoon and taking down on Sunday afternoon. We won’t need to have more than one or two people at any one time as there isn’t a Tombola to run.  We have some members selling merchandise who will be there for most of the weekend.

Please can you let me know if you are available to help. My email is

  Friday Set Up Saturday Sunday
12.00-1.00   Jennifer Z, John Z  
3.00-4.00 Jennifer Z, John Z, Lorraine, Ian, Alan    
4.00-5.00     Jennifer Z, John Z

Kind Regards,


‘What is Photography About.’ Paul O’Flanagan – Thursday 5th October

Paul O’Flanagan will be tackling one of those area that a times causes many questions for us, as we develop our skills as a photographer, namely  the craft of photography and  creativity. This seems to be an area that causes great anxiety due to misunderstanding.

Paul’s website, will be found at,