April 7, 0216 Captivating Nature – Wildlife of Britain and beyond – Des Ong

We will open with a short music slideshow, which showcases diverse range exotic subjects. The main part of the presentation will be split into two. The first half will concentrate on some of the projects Des worked on in a calendar year – a glimpse into his approach as a full-time wildlife photographer. Then after the break, we will journey further afield, first to Europe, then to South East Asia.

About Des, by Des, from his website http://www.desong.co.uk/

About Me

I am a full-time nature and wildlife photographer based in the UK. Although I devote much of my time to British species, my portfolio also includes work from other parts of the world – from the humid rainforest in Borneo to the arid desert of Arizona.

Wildlife photography is a combination of my two passions – art and nature. It is my artistic expression of the natural world.

I hope you enjoy your visit, and do drop me a line if you have any questions or comments by using the contact form on the right.

Awards / Achievements

  • British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA)
  • International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition
  • Friends of the Earth Renewable Energy Photo Competition
  • Finalist: Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year
  • Finalist: European Wildlife Photographer of the Year
  • Finalist: Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards
  • Finalist: International Wildbird Photo Competition

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