Annual General Meeting

The Societies very well attended AGM was held on 18th April.  Ian Petit, President chaired the meeting, and reflected on the following points.

“As with all organisations like ourselves we are faced with the increasing challenge of rising costs and affordability and delivering a meaningful programme of events to satisfy the needs of members.”

“This past year the committee has worked incredibly hard to manage this continuous balancing act.”

“… There has already been mention of some excellent work by Gavin Lake in his leadership and direction to fund raising sub-committee and their wonderful achievement in raising funds for the purchase of replacement club equipment, including digital projection equipment .”

“There has also been the development of the website by Steve Fairbrother, without whose efforts the membership would have been lower and the Society profile less obvious…”

“This gives us the opportunity to place on record the societies thanks and appreciation for their hard work in the past.”

“Firstly Tony Beginn who has held the post of Treasurer for some 10 years and has maintained good stewardship of the Societies finances during this period to leave us in a sound financial position for the future…  Again the committee would particularly like to place on record our gratitude, and appreciation for his hard work and commitment over a extended period of time.”

“Simon Hickie has been both Competition and Exhibition secretary and had a year as President of the Society. Simon is stepping down after 4 years in these varying roles and after doing a sterling and at times challenging job getting everyone to submit images for exhibition or competition.  Simon has our grateful thanks and appreciation for his hard work and commitment of the years.”



Full Committee Members
President Ian Pettit
Vice president Gavin Lake
Treasurer Mary Garrat
Programme secretary Ian Pettit
Exhibition  & Competition Secretary Dave Bell
 Advertising & Promotion Secretary Vacant
Non Committee Elected Officers
Website Co-ordinator Paul Cooper
Equipment Co-ordinator Dave Bell

Other Items discussed at the AGM, will be reported on the website during the coming weeks.

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