Annual General Meeting – 26th April 2018

Melbourne Photographic Society

Annual General Meeting

Thursday 26th April 2018


Venue: Thomas Cook Memorial Hall Melbourne


Apologise for absence Paul Cooper

Minutes of previous meeting Paul Cooper
Matters Arising Paul Cooper


Presidents Report Paul Cooper


Finance Report + Financial Statement  - All now published Alan May


Programme Secretary Report 2017-2018 Programme John Zahorodny


Competition Report 2017-2018 Simon Pearce


Exhibition Secretary’s Report Jennifer Zahorodny


Website & Promotions Report Paul Cooper


Fund Raising Report Lorraine Dowell


Election of Officers – See Below Paul Cooper


Proposal to have a selection panelI propose that we return to a selection panel approach.  The panel should select a balanced portfolio of photographs from the different genres and from different members.  The genres should try to include (but not limited to) Landscape, National History, Portrait, Macro, Sport, Still life, Creative, Fashion, Architecture.  The techniques could include colour, black and white, drone etc.  We should not have the same image twice as a pdi and print.The panel, would be appointed by the committee. Chris Brown


Proposal for future equipmentWe should spend some of the money we have raised on a studio setup – lights and backdrop.  This will be used for portraits, still life etc. – indoor photography.  The purpose of this, other than to be fun, is to widen our repertoire and skills producing new and fresh images. Chris Brown


Proposal for the change in competition  rules for the Natural History images.Should we adopt the news rules, which have changed recently to bring us in line with Nempf/PAGB rules for competitions. Simon Pearce


“With regard to competition projection, the image quality is perceived to be poor with a reduced resolution and a noticeable lightening of shadow detail and associated loss of saturation and contrast especially compared with i) the Annual prints when they were shown together and ii) when other exhibition material is shown using other display software, the image saturation and contrast is usually much better.  Suggest a benchmarking with what other software other societies use, and/or alternative ways of working.”Amended by Alastair 20/04/18 Alistair Moore


Social Media presenceAs a new member this year and I dare say it a ‘little bit younger’ than a fair few of the members, When I was looking to join the club I used my phone and computer to look at the club website & social media sites which didn’t really give me much of an insight to the actual members and the standards of photography, (meaning, I was looking to see if I was good enough to join and not look an idiot) So the next place I went was Facebook to the club page however this is a closed group and I feel that it should be more welcoming and allow anyone to view but not post and that the security settings are reviewed on the page.The other thing I think that would be beneficial is other social networks such as twitter and Instagram, now as I know the website is a wordpress there are plugins available that would allow you to post once on the website and it automatically posts to social media sites such as twitter and facebook.  So time saving, the other side of it is that if the club has events planned well in advance we can schedule posts on the website which would post to social media for you.I feel that the club needs to be more active in this field to offer its guidance and potential gain new members in the area.  Chris Findon
AOB  Paul Cooper


Melbourne Photographic Society

Election of Officers

AGM 26th April 2018

Members were asked to put their names forward two weeks prior to this meeting; two expressions of interest were received along with the incumbent members who have indicated that they are prepared to continue in post. Due to the one member leaving the committee it will be necessary to proceed with elections for each post in turn. The table below shows the current post holder, status and expressions on interest.



2017/18 post holder Status

Expressions of interest

President Paul Cooper Standing for re election None
Vice President Retiring Simon Pearce
Treasurer Alan May Standing for re election None
Secretary Lorraine Dowell Standing for re election None
Programme Secretary John Zahorodnyj Standing for re election None
Competition Secretary Simon Pearce Standing for re election None
Exhibition Secretary Jennifer Zahorodnyj Standing for re election, if no one else stands  None
Advertising & Promotions Paul Cooper Standing for re election None
Committee Member John Wesson Standing for re election None

Paul Cooper , President  & Lorraine Dowell, Secretary



All Papers can be located by following this link. No papers will be provided on the night.

If you have issues with accessing the secure page on the website please reply to this email

Please Remember only Members of the society are entitled to vote and speak at the AGM



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