Annual Competition – Thursday 23rd April

The Annual competition will take place on Thursday 23/04/15. This is an open competition, ie any subject is permissible and members can enter up to 3 prints and 3 DPIs each. The judge for the evening will be Hazel Manning.

Please ensure that all DPS entries and print titles are forwarded to the competition secretary no later than midnight Monday 20/04/15. DPI submissions must follow the naming conventions as detailed in the competition rules (found in the members area on the website), any that are not will be returned to the author for correction. Ideally prints should be submitted prior to the evening of the competition, but will be accepted no later than 7.15pm on the night.

This is a great opportunity for new members or members who have not previously entered competitions to have a go. The more entries we have the better the competition will be.

Thanks, Helen.

These are details of Hazels latest portfolio’s at the RPS and at Flickr 



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