Annual Competition Results 2014

The Annual Competition 2014 was held on the 3rd April 2014.  There was a strong entry of 44 DPI’s and 32 Prints entered into the Competition judged by Ian Pinn of Nottingham Outlaws.

The DPI Competition was won by John Wesson with “Lighthouse Storm- Valentia”

Lighthouse Storm, Valentia by John Wesson








The Print Competition was won by Paul Cooper with “At the end of the Day”, also known as “I must find a better builder next time”


At the End of t he Day by Paul Cooper


The Top Entries in the DPI’s were

Entry By Title Score 
John Wesson Lighthouse Storm- Valentia 20
Ian Pettit Corner Shop 19
Helen Willis Worn Out At 80 Degrees North 19
Helen Willis Fishermen On Inle Lake 18
Helen Willis Harvest Mouse 18
John Wesson Stratus 18
Simon Pearce Break in the storm 18
Paul Cooper Afterglow 17
Chris Brown Kite Diving 17
GavinLake Eddie in perspective 17

And for Prints

Entry By Title Score 
Paul Cooper 1 At the end of the day 20
Gavin Lake 2 Sunrise express 19
Helen Willis 1 Driving The Fish Into The Net 18
Julie Fletcher 1 Passing Place 18
Helen Willis 2 Polar Bear Reflection 18
John Wesson 2 The Wreck of the Sunbeam 18
Simon Pearce 2 Seed head and distance twin. 18
Julie Fletcher 3  No Entry 18
Jo Mallard 1 Pit Stop 17
John Wesson 1 Bowlers Window 17
Ian Pettit 2 All Alone 17
Julie Fletcher 2 Many hands make light work 17
Ian Pettit 3 Highland Delight 17
John Wesson 3 Sculpture and Cyclist 17
Paul Cooper 3 Rails across the water 17



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