Alastair Moore CPAGB

Following the November PAGB merit awards adjudication held at Kegworth, Alastair Moore was successful in gaining  the Credit (CPAGB )award. This national event was hosted by N&EMPF on this occasion.  Full details of the awards can be seen on the latest PAGB update, available on the PAGB links on our website.

The standard for Credit was high with around 70% of the 62 entrants being successful.

Well done to Alastair for gaining this well-deserved recognition, that reflects his commitment and ability.  At some future point in the programme we hope that Alastair will be reflecting on the how to approach this award, and the stages above that are awaiting him.

The Awards for Photographic Merit (APM) are open to all members of Clubs affiliated to the PAGB through their Federations and are at three levels,

• Credit (CPAGB) – Blue badge and certificate

                    Standard: Good Club Photography

• Distinction (DPAGB) – Red badge and certificate

                    Standard: Open Exhibition Photography

• Master (MPAGB) – Gold badge and certificate

                    Standard: Highest Standard of UK Amateur Photography

If anyone in the society is interested in finding out more or applying for PAGB merit awards Alastair can give them some guidance on how to go about it,


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