Afternoon Cream Teas – 18th April

We are planning a new style exhibition serving afternoon cream teas at the Thomas Cook Memorial Hall in late April. The fund raising sub-committee will be sending out details of this in the coming weeks.

This is an appeal for assistance, I am creating the posters to publicise the event, and am struggling to find a suitable MPS picture of a cream tea to act as the central image. I have eaten too many, as you can all see, but never dreamt of getting the camera out !

if you have a suitable picture, send it to me at my normal email ( its the one that sends out the newsletters) by the end of January. The ones I can use, will be clearly attributed to you on the posters, and here your chance to get fame where ever the posters are shown. You never know, Gavin, Mary and Lorraine may even see their way to provide you with a sample by way of compensation


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