7th January 2015 – Tony Davison

On the 7th January, Tony Davison  will be presenting. He is an expert bird watcher and photographer, and very well respected. He suggested the subject of the birds of the arctic, Norway & Sweden 

His website - http://www.simplybirdsandmoths.co.uk/sbam/ gives his full details, but this is Tony’s profile taken from his website.

I’ve been mad on Birding for well over 40 years and having travelled extensively throughout the UK, I have seen many rare birds that have found their way to our shores and I have also seen all the species that regularly breed in Britain. I have travelled throughout Europe on various Birding trips and holidays and have also visited India on a Tiger Safari. My favourite UK birding locations are The Isles of Scilly, in particular the tiny island of St.Agnes, Scotland, Norfolk and Shetland, particularly the island of Unst. I visited Shetland for the first time in 2010 and made two visits and I was “Hooked on the Place”. I became fascinated in Moths over a decade ago whilst visiting St. Agnes. Viewing the arrival of rare moth species that had travelled vast distances, sparked my interest and I’ve been hooked ever since. My close friends Barrie, Anita & Elliott Staley, inspired me to become interested in Butterflies and for many years now, we have been seeking out the rarer species to be found in Britain. I’m very keen on photography and a recent passion is playing my Acoustic Guitar.

So “Rock On” and enjoy the site

This looks like it could be a good evening. See you all there at the Thomas Cook Memorial Hall at 7:30 pm

This replaces the previously advertised event.



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